It's about Time....

Time to make a change. 

Time to shift your BS - your Belief Systems. 

Time to stop coping, stop managing and start resolving.  

If you've ever felt judged or made wrong for simply being... and you don't know why...

If you're caught up in patterns of fault, blame, guilt, or shame and wish you should do better, be better... This is for YOU! 

If you've done Therapy... 



Hired mentors,

Prayed so much the knees in your pants have worn through

And you're STILL struggling with feeling guilty,
feeling like you always have to apologize for existing,
and you can't come up with a reason to explain it...

If you feel like life or love or business SHOULD be easier,
but it's an almost constant struggle

If it seems you're not enough, or you're too much...

I might know a bit about how you feel. 

I was abused at 5 and 6, buried those memories for close to 20 years and just lived in anger, fear, my back always against a wall, never able to fully trust anyone. 

I was living what I called "survivor mode" for decades and decades. 

I was abused by an adult, by kids - and that left me not knowing who to trust.  

But I knew I was here, alive, for a reason, for some purpose.  And, no matter how life or love got, that sense of something behind it all never quite went away. 

And, today, I'm happy to say that I found my inner peace, and I am enough. Just me being me. 

I suspect you are enough, too - but there's a voice inside you that won't let you accept that idea. 

When you feel sad, hurt, afraid, it's so easy to react with anger - go on the offensive. Regardless of the cost to those closest to you. And then you feel bad about how you treated them, but you don't know what to do differently, who to trust, what to believe. 

I'm here to tell you, there IS a solution - even when you feel like you've "done it all" - If you're tired of fighting the inner demons, the constant inner criticism, there IS hope. 

I went through a process called "timeline integration" and it helped me to finally release the unproductive anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt in my life. The impact was so powerful that I ended up getting certified in the process so that I could help others. 

And I'd love to explain more about how this process works, what kinds of shifts are possible.

Here's an interaction with a client right after going through the first step,
which is releasing anger: 

If you want to see what's possible, let's get some time together - no more than 30 minutes to  see if this could help you to shift your BS - belief systems - and bring more joy, happiness, and playfulness into your life. And stop the anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt in their tracks. 

Here's what others have said about this process, and the shifts it made for them: 

Cameron C.

North Carolina

My name is Cameron and I’m from North Carolina. I work full time for a company that manufactures architectural products as well as own my own business on the side.

I came to Jeremy because I’ve always felt like something was off. Nothing was ever right for me in my relationship with my wife. I didn’t have the best childhood and never saw a healthy relationship. I was raised by women, had no male mentors, and always had some sort of addiction. I was unhappy with myself, living a lie, and felt shameful about who I was. I also had plenty of “nice guy” tendencies.

I originally came to Jeremy because my wife and I had an event that happened in our marriage that really brought all of my issues to a head. My lack of leadership, anxiety, and the incorrect polarity in my marriage to name a few. So when I came to him I was very focused on masculine/feminine energy. Now we covered that, but what caught me by surprise was going over my child trauma and issues, and that made a world of difference for me to move on and start healing. After that, we got to work.

I’m happy to say that Jeremy has helped me find and define my role as a husband, father, and member of my community. He has helped me understand masculine and feminine polarity. I am present and happy. I feel like I am in control of my emotions. I have a happy wife who relaxes into my lead and feels my masculine energy. I feel present with my kids. Most importantly, I am able to recognize when I’m slipping or need adjustment. I also healed some childhood trauma wounds and stopped addictive behaviors.

I work on myself everyday, most days are great but some days I still struggle. Jeremy has given me the skills to stop and ask myself “what is really going on here, and is this how I really want to show up in the world”

If you’re considering starting with the Jeremy , I would urge you to go ahead and make the leap like I did!

I found this treatment to be much more efficient, less costly by comparison of time, and life-changing overnight.

I had my session on October 2nd, and as of the 16th, I am feeling a sense of relief I couldn’t have ever anticipated from ANY treatment or therapy.

I have found that I have a lot more control over my emotions, rather than acting out of emotion to every event, conversation, and reflection. It has been a welcomed change!

I am still able to BE emotional, but it isn’t coming from the same place, and I have a lot more say as to when it shows itself.

In this political climate, following the Kavanaugh hearing specifically, prior to our session, I was angry, and lashing out at anyone who would listen.

Since our session, I have found myself willfully less involved in political attacks, as logically it makes little sense and doesn’t make me feel better. Not sure that it did before, either, but the notion that it would was overwhelming.

Considering therapies that claim to resolve many issues over heavy conversation, and long hours of regurgitating events throughout a lifetime, I found this treatment to be much more efficient, less costly by comparison of time, and life-changing overnight.

In going into this, I wasn’t sure I was a candidate, even laughed it off a little, believing this may be a wasted effort.

Boy was I wrong.

During my session, I found myself hovering over a lifetime of accumulated negative emotions in the course of an hour and a half, talking each one to rest. The only comparison I can draw it to is TRUE forgiveness. Forgiving myself, letting go of shame, especially where it wasn’t warranted, and forgiving others who had caused me emotional trauma. It seemed I was able to see it through a different lens, through someone else’s perspective, and just as we allow others their traumas and admire those who move forth, I found forgiveness for all of my own, and discovered many more than I had anticipated, which needed forgiveness.

My session was very emotional at times, tears flowing, but almost immediately following the tears, the relief was astounding.

This process is worth far more than what I paid, and I do believe it is revolutionary in the therapy/psychology world. This technique would cure the world of its woes if it could spread, and through Jeremy, I believe it will.

Thank you so much for changing my life, and for helping me assume more control over my emotions, and my past. I am eternally grateful, and I will be excited to refer people to you, and also would like to know how I too, can heal others in this way.

Dani G.

DANI G. //  Designer

It has been a few months now, and, quite simply, the old triggers don't impact me anymore... What part of your past would you like to leave behind? 

Wow! Where to begin? This is my first ever review about something like this but I wanted to share the value that I received from working with Jeremy. It has been a few months since doing the work and writing this, but I wanted to be sure the results stuck. And sticking they are!

I had heard Jeremy speak on a conference call or two, and later discovered that he worked with people like me: normal, but maybe with some emotions or small issue that might suddenly burst through from some king of "unfinished business" (my words). I've got no serious issues, but rather than be subject to the awkwardness, and occasional feelings coming up, why not do something about it? So, I made the call, or more accurately now, filled out the firm.

Was I nervous talking about personal issues on the first call? Hell, yeah, but I wanted results and change bad enough. Nervously, for me, we began the session, and after a little background, and explanation from Jeremy, dove right in. My session was my session, so I won't bore you with the details; yours will be difference anyway (and just as private). However, what I want to share is that there was more progress dealing with my issues in one hour with Jeremy than several weeks of meeting in a specialized 'support group'. I was expecting a few session but have no complaints with a one-and-done that has worked for me. Of course, your mileage may vary.

It has been a few months now, and, quite simply, the old triggers don't impact me anymore. I'm very happy and thankful to Jeremy that the prior emotions and feelings have now been left behind, in the past, where they should be.

What part of your past would you like to leave behind?