FOR married men who don't want to fight with Their wives

The #1 Mistake Men Make When Facing 

“The Silent Treatment”

and why it's dangerous!

"I went from the reason for her every misery to the one man she can't live without."

"I went from feeling lost to being her hero again."

"I went from disrespected, ignored to worshiped and adored."

For me personally, Jeremy helped build a sense of clarity and find that peace… Ben Muratet

The #1 Mistake
Men Make When Facing
“The Silent Treatment”

ThursdayJun 132024

From: Jeremy Roadruck

Hi, I’m Jeremy.

Here’s the brutal truth about marriage and relationships:

Your relationship will not magically change simply because you:

  • love her enough

  • respect her enough,

  • please her enough,

  • placate her enough, or

  • twist yourself into a pretzel to make her happy.

You have to show up in a way that actually lights her up, and allows her to respect and admire you.

Listen, I understand. I was there, too:

  • cooking

  • cleaning

  • sacrificing on MY goals and deliverables JUST to make my woman happy.

    And the more I tried to
    change for her,
    the more she continued to
    take from me!

“The Silent Treatment” was her tool of choice.

Her go-to when she wanted to shame me, manipulate me. And I’d do EVERYTHING, ANYTHING to make a change.

Doesn’t it seem like the world tells us that women get to play "The Silent Treatment" at men and we're just supposed to suck it up and take it?

It left me feeling isolated and alone.


Maybe you’re feeling the same.

If that was such a healthy tool, then why do almost 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce?

The simple truth is:

If you continue to suffer the silent treatment in silence, the distance between you and your partner will only grow

And, what used to be a passionate flame, simply flickers out and dies.

You run the risk of becoming another failed marriage statistic.

But, it doesn’t HAVE to be that way.

Did you know that SOME Men NEVER have to deal with the silent treatment? 

Instead of conflict, they see ‘the silent treatment’ as an invitation to connect and open their wives up to deeper intimacy and understanding.

What's their secret?
How do they do it?

Is it just magic? 

Or, are they simply doing something differently than you are?

Truth is: They ARE doing something different.

In my marriage now:

  • my wife delights in me,

  • listens to me,

  • follows my lead.

But I didn’t get there by running the same patterns as I did in my previous relationship.

I learned  to own myself, and own the moment - by stepping in I found my confidence, my courage, my clarity and a my woman now adores me.

Listen, I’m on a mission to help other men step in and step up, without being jerks or posturing a-holes. 

I’ve put together a simple 4-step process to help you open up and unlock your woman’s silent treatment. You’ll go from feeling disrespected and ignored to worshiped and adored.

So, ask yourself:

Do I want to spend another day, another night suffering in silence as she continues to turn a cold shoulder? Feeling like you’re the reason for her every misery?

Or, do I want to be the one man she can’t live without

If you're ready to make a change and shut down her silent treatment once and for all, here's what to do: Click the link below.

Download the Free Guide to handling the #1 mistake men make when facing the silent treatment. I'll see you there.


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