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Imagine your children coming to you, looking for ways to contribute to household chores, being more helpful and respectful to each other, and being responsible - all with minimal input or guidance from you!

Based on more than 28 years of working with children and families without the use of negative reinforcement, Jeremy's expert advice will give you the tips, tools, tactics and strategies to improve your relationship with your child, your parents, and even yourself!

Kung Fu Master Jeremy Roadruck's information has a proven track record of success in improving happiness, health, safety, communication, understanding boundaries, and unlocking motivation in even the toughest of kids!

Buy it, but more importantly read it!

How many of us buy parenting books with the best of intentions and read a few chapters and realize you haven't learned anything practical and put the book down? This is not one of those books. It is an easy read, and you will learn things you can use right away with your kids, or any children in your life. I have tried out a couple of the strategies and they actually work really well. At this price point you really cant lose. I think this is a fantastic book for parents, but is also a must read for anyone who works with children (daycare providers, teachers, coaches or just wants to be a positive force in a child's life. I encourage you to buy it, but more importantly read it, I think it was time well invested.

Carolyn L // Mother of 2

Life Changing for this Dad

Oh man. This book ROCKS! Can't get through a section or chapter without a mirror stuck in my face... I see so much of what happens around the house, in the car, in my mind speaking right to me when it comes to my wife & kids - LOL. I laugh but it isn't funny.

Anyone reading this post right now... If you buy this book AND you READ it and make an EFFORT to apply it (call Sifu Jeremy or email him as well for help if needed), you WILL be happy with the results...

If you really, truly decide to apply the nuggets & gems that are in this book, it'll be worth $5,000,000 to you. Well I really can't put a price tag on it. Only you can.

How much are your children worth to you? How much is it worth to guide and teach them how to be happy - healthy- safe - wealthy - wise?"

Steve White // Father of 2

A new way to look at your kids

I must admit, when I first had the opportunity to read this book, I was a little skeptical. My son has been studying Kung Fu under Master Jeremy for a couple of years now and has learned a lot and grown a lot as a result, but I was still skeptical about a parenting book from a guy who does not have children of his own (yet). Boy, was I wrong.

This book is written in a very casual style, as if you were having a conversation with a friend, and is full of practical techniques to use in relating to and interacting with your children. Sifu Jeremy, as my son calls him, is an astute observer of human nature, and I'll cop to more than one uncomfortable moment reading when he nails bad parenting habits that I sometimes find myself using. As a mom, I feel like I know my child(ren) better than ANYONE, with the exception of their dad, and that may be true BUT there are a lot of other people in his life who interact with him and know him pretty well too. Kids typically behave differently depending on who they are with, and especially when Mom and Dad aren't around. Teachers, tutors, coaches, instructors, friends' parents, etc, all have an insight into your child that may surprise you, and I have come to see that I could (and should) take better advantage of the village that is helping me raise my children. Sifu Jeremy interacts with my son in a completely different way than I do, and often gets different results than I do. Reading this book is helping me to see my kids, and my parenting style, in a new light and helping me to change my interactions with not only my Kung Fu kid, but my other kids that Jeremy does not instruct, as well as my other relationships, both personal and professional.

Julie Meintel // Mother of 3

4.0 out of 5 stars Warm and Wise

This book really surprised me.

I admit I was curious - what would a Martial Arts Master, himself childless, have to teach about raising children?

Reading Part 1, the first few chapters, confused me a little and I struggled a bit to get into the casual conversational writing style, not quite following the organization or the flow. In this section, the author lays down his “game of life” metaphor, and I admit it did not immediately resonate with me. But, based on the examples presented, I was beginning to understand that Martial Arts training, initiated at a very young age for some children, is as much a life-altering philosophy (in many cases based on Taoist principles) as it is a physical endeavor. It was easy to feel the authors deep sincerity and his respect for the people (children and adults) he works with, and I began to relax into the content, just going with the flow of interesting theory, case study snippets, examples, and learnings presented as “foundational” themes laid which wold set the stage for the rest of the book.

When I hit Part 2, it all began to click for me. Each chapter in Part 2 and Part 3 are part of a framework of sorts which make up the pillars underlying the proposed transformational journey with your child. In reality, the pillars inform the work to be done by any self-actualizing parent who is seeking to serve as an effective model for their child on his own journey (as well as for their journey together). The pillars are beautifully articulated, rich with concepts, details, tools and examples, and even in my case (mother to three adult children, no grandchildren yet) I found the content compelling. What makes this content particularly relevant is that the author provides not only context and theory, but appropriately sized and relevant exercises, worksheets and templates to help get the reader started - putting in practice his “crawl before you walk before you run before you fly” (CWRF) principle. Examples are the “blessings list” and the daily special day check presented in the section on developing an attitude of Gratitude.

The chapters are rich with stories of sample interactions with young children in challenging situations, and the themes laid down in the first section now began to connect to the pillars for me. In the examples presented, the author consistently makes very effective use of language and a questioning style targeted to be understood by even very young ears. I particularly enjoyed the questioning a child’s understanding of his “energy” as feeling “big, happy, warm” (positive energy) or “small, cold, sad” (negative energy), as well as “this is the best I’ve ever done and I’ll get better with practice” mantra.

The author’s compassionate intent throughout, to engage, inform, question, converse, and even learn, himself, through this book shines through the content. To apply the material presented , most sections require inward reflection on the part of the reader. With remarkable candor, the author does not shy away from contributing his own self- discoveries, even in the case of the difficult or extremely painful.

If, as the author suggests, wisdom can be defined as knowledge applied with compassion, this is a warm, wonderful and wise book and I’m grateful to have read it.

A great big thank you to the author, for a free review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts presented are my own.

BooklyMatters - VINE VOICE


Instruction Manual for Raising Children

I have known and have been training with Sifu Jeremy for two years, and have seen him apply material in this book in action.

The title says it all: knowing what we want and focusing our effort on that instead of fighting what we do not want, in ourselves, and others, including children, is the way to achieve outstanding results. The title of the book defines what we want children to become, and the book shows how to achieve those results in a positive "warm, big, and happy" way for both the children and the caregivers.

Dr. Kira Schofield Step-mom of 1


Impressive, jam-packed

Fantastic book that helps all coaches/parents/grandparents. Jam-packed with insightful information. Sets the stage with the group/family team working together towards a common goal, aligned in their efforts. Gives a common-sense approach towards a great objective list of desirable goals and behaviors, and how to take the positive approach to achieve them. Full of effective techniques and approaches.

James Johnson Father of 2


Been waiting for this

I have two kids entering the teenage years. My relationship is good with them but I wanted additional strategies so I can help them on their way to becoming confident self motivated individuals.

I will be a better parent due to the insightful information from Mr. Roadruck.

Emily S. Mother of 2

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