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Six part course on communication, how and why what we say isn't received and how to organize it differently so so they receive it more fully. The "How to Have a Great Ask" training has been life-changing for many families! 

Amazing information so you can get what makes you feel amazing physically, mentally, and emotionally!

This is your digital download, the signed paperback is already on it's way to your home. This is my best selling book, the only parenting book with a money-back guarantee showing you how to play better games - games where everyone gets to feel warm, big, happy inside! 

This is a serious game changer at home. This gives you a super power to pull the BEST out of your man as a husband, father, protector, and provider. Understanding the Transition Ritual can transform your home, almost immediately!

This report breaks down the challenges and complications, the resistance and roadblocks that show up at the various levels of relationships. Knowing where you are makes it easier to figure out HOW to get to where you ultimately desire to be!

This component sets you up with a clear roadmap to follow to define what would delight you in your marriage and as a parent. I've been told the "spotlighting" technique alone with worth the price of this whole course!