How to Hack Your Husband

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About How to Hack Your Husband

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In this short course, Jeremy Roadruck covers a wide variety of tools, tactics, and perspectives to bring out the best in your husband, quickly and easily.

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Subscribers only Lack of Communication

Husbands not sharing their thoughts, feelings, or concerns openly.

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Subscribers only Help with Household Chores

Feeling that husbands don't contribute equally to housework or childcare.

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Subscribers only Emotional Unavailability

Husbands not being emotionally supportive or responsive.

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Subscribers only Initiating Quality Time

Wives wanting husbands to take the lead in planning meaningful activities.

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Subscribers only Messiness and Clutter

Husbands not being tidy or organized

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Subscribers only Selective Listening

Husbands sometimes seem distracted or not fully attentive during conversations.

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Husbands trying to solve problems instead of offering emotional support.

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Subscribers only Time Management

Husbands prioritizing work, hobbies, or other commitments over spending time with family.

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Subscribers only Taking Things Lightly

Husbands not taking serious matters seriously or dismissing emotions.

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Subscribers only Lack of Appreciation

Wives feeling unacknowledged or unappreciated for their efforts and contributions.

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Subscribers only Transition Ritual

How to Come Home Like a King for your Family

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View or download the attached report. It has everything you need. Feedback is the breakfast of champions!

About the Teacher


Jeremy Roadruck - creator of The Roadmap to Relationship Mastery for Men - is a husband, father, international kung fu champion and 6th degree Master, multi-time best-selling author, hypnotherapist, neuro-strategist, former soldier and consultant.

Author of the only parenting book with a money-back guarantee, Jeremy is on a mission to help dads who lead in business to create strong marriages, raise amazing kids and grandkids, and have businesses they love.

He's been through bankruptcy, childhood abuse on 2 continents, living in a tent in the woods, car repossession, kicked out of where he was living after his second lung collapse, closed his dream business, and more and through it all... he's developed specific strategies and tools to help keep his mindset playful and strong.

Today he's happily married and helping men love their lives! (and their wives)

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